Battle Cry:Run from my power.
Bio:When Tabitha was 7 her parents were attacked by Shang Tsung and killed.Tabitha ran into the nearby forest to escape being slaughtered.She ran away but a week later Bo Rai Cho found her in the nearby village starving and near death.He took her in as if she were his own daughter and trained her as a warrior and over time her sorrow turned to power.When she was nineteen Raiden took her to the Mortal Kombat tournament to fight for Earthrealm.She defeated Khameleon and Skarlet.When Shao Kahn invaded he called upon Tabitha she accepted and joined the others in battle.
Description:She wears a brown jacket over a white shirt.She wears a belt with a lightning bolt buckle to keep up her brown leather pants.She has hardened leather wrist protectors.
Powers:She has control over lightning
  • Thunderclap:A Thunderclap is heard in the background and some of her health is restored
  • The enhanced version is called Thunderboom and it heals more damage.
  • Lightning Strike:A lightning strike hits the opponent.
  • The enhanced version is called Alpha Strike and it deals more damage.
  • Lightning Teleport:Lightning strikes Tabitha and lightning strikes behind the opponent and she materializes from the lightning bolt.
  • X-ray attack:Blinding Light:Tabitha punches her opponent in the gut and releases electricity breaking their ribs then she then she slams the oponent down and jumps on their back to break it.
Fatality:Split Ends:Tabitha jumps up and brings her weapon down into the oponents head,then she flips onto it and slams into it slicing the oponent in half

Fatality:Powder Keg:Tabitha charges lightning into her weapon and throws it at the oponent impaling them,then all the electricity releases and the oponent explodes.

Weapon:Bladed Spade

Ending Tabitha defeated Shao Kahn and Gained immense power,but was unable to control it.Raiden explained that the power was too much for her physical form to contain.She transferred her power into two swords and hid one.She kept the other for herself.

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