Battle Cry:You will not win
Bio:Misterius is a sick,twisted evil sorcerer from Earthream.He traps the souls of his defeated oponent in cards.He killed his parents and escaped the police by using a secret portal to Outworld.In Outworld he found a sorcerer who would train him in the art of dark magic.When his training was finished he killed the sorcerer to cover his tracks.When he turned 20 Shang Tsung found him and brought him to the Mortal Kombat Tournament to fight for Outworld.During the tournament he created his most powerful weapons:his bladed explosive cards.He used them to defeat many opponents but was eventually defeated he returned wearing an opera mask that was crying tears of blood.During the invasion of earth he sided with Shao Kahn and led a group of tarkatans against the police.After the invasion he dissapeared into Shao Kahn's dungeons to train himself and he sunk into myth.
Description:He wears a smiling opera mask that appears to be crying a stream of blood.He also wears a blood-red robe with a hood.His pants are black leather.
Powers:He throws his bladed card bombs at the opponent and utilizes his speed.
  • Card Throw:He throws a card at the opponent dealing damage.Enhanced version:Explosive Card:He throws the card at them and it explodes,dealing more damage.
  • Card Volley:he throws three cards at the opponent.Enhanced version:Explosive Volley:He throws three cards and they explode,dealing more damage.
  • Card Cut:He runs at the opponent and slashes them with a card.Enhanced version:Explosive Slash:The card explodes when he slashes the enemy.
  • X-ray:Go Fish:Misterius impales the opponent with a card in the stomach and it explodes breaking their ribs and sending them flying into the air,then Misterius kicks them in the back,sending them flying
Fatality:Ace:Misterius slashes his opponent's throat with a card and then sticks an explosive card in the cut blowing off their head,then he kicks the opponent in the stomach spattering them
Fatality:King of Hearts:He slashes the opponent's chest open and pulls out their heart,replacin it with a card,that explodes the opponents.
Babality:Misterius plays with a card until it explodes scaring him and making him cry.

Weapon:Hatchet:aside from his card he uses a hatchet to chop his enemy to bits.

Ending:He gained power when he defeated Shao Kahn.He used his power to track down all of the Forces of Light and killed them.After the Forces of Light were gone he turned his attention towards the Forces of Darkness.After that he killed all of the Elder Gods and took control over the realms.All woud fear the name of the one who defeated Shao Kahn,Misterius.


I created him because clowns freak me out and I wanted to make an evil clown type character. He was slightly influenced by The Joker.

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