Battle Cry:Flames will find you.

Bio:Kasai has always served Earthrealm,but he could not compete in the Mortal Kombat Tournament because he had the soul of an Outworlder in his body.If he won in the tournament his victory would count for Outworld.He had the ability to use and manipulate fire.His ability made him one of the strongest warriors in Earthrealm.He actually was called the Warrior of Flames for some time.He aided the others during the invasion of Earthrealm.
Description:He wears a black and red jacket with a red shirt underneath and black pants.He also has a black headband.
Powers he uses the power of fire in battle.
  • Fireball:He shoots a fireball in a straight line at his enemy.Enhanced:Blazing Blast:The fireball is bigger and deals more damage.
  • Charging Flames:Kasai charges at the opponent and runs into them.Enhanced:Blazing Dash:Fire covers Kasai while charging and leaves a trail of flames behind him.
  • Inner Flame:Kasai is encased in flames and if the opponent attacks they are damaged by the fire.Enhanced:Ring of Fire:Kasai is surrounded by a ring of fire and if the opponent comes to close they are damaged.
  • X-ray:Firecrazer:Kasai charges the opponent and kicks them in the head breaking their skull,then he summons fire to his fist and punches them in the gut breaking ther ribs.
Fatality:Raging Fire:Kasai grabs the opponents head and tears it off, then he sets it on fire and pushes it into their stomach,setting the rest of the body on fire.
Fatality:Volcano:Kasai summons a small volcano and grabs the opponent by the neck and puts their head in it,burning off the skin.Then he throws the body into the volcano,causing them to explode.
Babality:Kasai burps and fire comes out of his mouth,amused,he starts giggling.
Weapon:Flameberge:A flameberge is a flaming sword.

Ending:Kasai had defeated Shao Kahn and then stood before the Elder Gods.With Shao Kahn defeated,Outworld needed an emperor.The Elder Gods made Kasai the Emperor of Outworld.With Kasai as leader he split the realm into all of the other realms it had once been,making the majestic realm it a majestic and peaceful realm


Kasai is Japanese for fire.
Kasai is human so don't picture him like Blaze.

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