Battle Cry:You will fear the bitter cold.
Bio:Celcius was kidnapped as a child and trained by the Lin Kuei.He showed talent with the ability to freeze,so the grandmaster trained him.When He was 16 the grandmaster sent him to kill a family in Chicago.He succeeded and when he returned to the temple he was horrified that the family he had killed was his.He fled and lived in the mountains for three years.when he returned he befriended the Elder Sub-Zero.Celcius was deeply saddened by his friend's death at the hands of Scorpion.When the Lin Kuei grandmaster began the cyber initiative he fled and returned to his old home in the mountains where Raiden found him and asked him to help the other warriors defend Earthrealm from Shao Kahn.Celcius accepted and traveled to outworld with the Thunder God.
Description:Celcius wears a samurai helmet and armor with fur around the neck.He has to spiked shoulder pads with different sizes.

Powers:Celcius is able to bring spikes made of ice out of the ground and conjure ice clones to hold the opponent down.

  • Ice Spikes:A column of ice spikes shoot up from the ground toward the opponent.Enhanced:Stalagmites:The spikes are larger and cause more damage.

  • Brothers:Celcius sends out an ice clone to tackle the oponent.Enhanced:Blood Brothers:It causes more damage.
  • Freeze:Celcius freezes the oponent by bringing up a spike that freezes them on contact.
  • X-ray:Piercing Cold:Celcius conjures an ice clone that uppercuts the opponent breaking their skull and jaw and the oponent lands on a spike breakin their back and ribs.
Fatality:Brothers Until the End.Celcius and his ice clone take a few steps back and then charge at the opponent smashing him/her and splattering blood all over celcius and his clone.
Fatality:Slice:Celcius grabs his oponent by the feet and slams them on the ground then impales them in an ice spike,pulling the opponent off slicing them in the process.

Babality:Celcius turns into a baby and plays patty cake with a baby ice clone but when he touches the ice clone he freezes.

Weapon:A wooden staff but with a blade made of ice on it.

Ending:Celcius had beaten Shao Kahn but at a price the Lin Kuei was destroyed.Celcius traveled to Earthrealm where he found the Lin Kuei temple empty.He began to rebuild the Lin Kuei into something other than assassins.From now on the Lin Kuei would be the protectors of Earthrealm.They were now knights of ice.

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